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Over the years, I’ve had the very vulnerable yet necessary (for my growth as a mom) privilege to be able to share my experiences as a mom to students, from early childhood education to occupational therapy students, to healthcare practitioners and to other parents as well. I am deeply indebted to all my facilitators for daring to provide this platform of growth both for myself and the listeners. I have learnt that such meetings of hearts are truly necessary for dialogues, emergence of pragmatic solutions and authentic support for children, adults, and families. The process is a stark reminder that our lives are neither anecdotal evidence nor simply a statistic nor a professional discipline nor a field of study for remote analysis by professional practitioners, textbook authors and policymakers, but that, the matter in consideration impacts real people. Conditions for some families are real and urgent, and require due immediate and critical support.

2011 – DSA Hospital Series Talks2011 – DSA Hospital Series Talks

2012 – For NP-Wheelock – SiT Bsc Special Ed

2012 – For Down Syndrome Association (Singapore

2013 – For Trinity College Dublin-SiT BSc OT (1 year prog)

2015 – For Trinity College Dublin-SiT BSc OT (1 year prog)

2016 – For SiT-Trinity College Dublin BSc OT ( 3 years prog)

2017 – For SiT-Trinity College Dublin BSc OT (3 years prog)




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