The Happy Heart School

Living lifelong human care, development, education, learning and service for all.

Education Paradigms

The Happy Heart School is grateful and thankful for the guidance and role-modelling of the following pioneers and stewards of education in researching deeply and creating passionately enabling school environments for all children to belong and to be and to become, in community:

1. Heartworks Intervention Services and SmartStart School – DanaKae Bonahoom

2. DIR/FEDL/Learning Tree – Stanley Greenspan

3. Reggio Emilia – Malaguzzi

4. Montessori – Maria Montessori

5. Waldorf – Steiner

6. The Element & Creative Schools – Ken Robinson

7. Self-Directed Education – Peter Gray

8. Barefoot College – Bunker Roy

9. Project Zero & Multiple Intelligences – Howard Gardner

10. School in the Cloud – Sugata Mitra

11. Studio School – Geoff Mulgan

12. Once Upon a School – Dave Eggers

All the above methodologies have the following commonalities:

1. Relationship being central to human development, education and learning;

2. Exploration, discovery and formation of self in community and the earth;

3. Respecting and living a culture of diversity, creativity and collaboration in fun-filled and safe and secure environments;

4. Understanding and cultivating deep discernment between order and freedom, and discipline and flow;

5. Living and modelling love, peace and joy through education;

6. Instilling and practising a deep meaning and ethics of work; and

7. Tried and tested and applied in many communities and cultures, i.e. has a universal characteristic and quality.

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