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Developmental Intervention

I am compiling the developmental intervention resources that have been emerged in my journeying with Keith. Although much is focused in supporting trisomy 21, I believe the literature has a universal relevance to development.

It is the integration or synthesis or wholeness of the knowledge and pattern of intervention or support that perhaps is the larger wisdom in this journey. This means it takes time for a new parent, teacher, caregiver and learner support to learn about the materials, the critical thinking, and the unique application for the child within the family pattern. It feels really daunting for years, and then, suddenly, a breakthrough will happen, when it is understood that every moment, every step lived with great authenticity, is a step of faith and courage in love, compassion, joy and freedom.

In the early years of learning, or during moments of fatigue, vulnerability, deep emotional/psychological/spiritual healing, growth and learning, we will need a lot of reassurances, comfort, non-judgment, unconditional love – the ingredients of true support. We don’t need condemnation, labelling, exclusion, rejection. We don’t necessarily need a place just to fit in for the sake of fitting in either. What we are longing for and eventually will learn to re-vision, and then create is a place of faith, a truth beyond fear and prejudiced mindsets, and a place of courage to stand on our own ground of joy, freedom and celebration, a place of true, authentic growth and transformational & inspirational possibilities.

Another reminder: forbearance, forgiveness, compassion and grace. However, these words are interpreted, they will serve well the person(s) and community who long to live a truly inclusive and vibrant living.

Determination and strength comes from conviction. Conviction can only come from a truly living, authentic and engaged or wholly connected experience (which means tons of vulnerability). So, jump in and experience the splash of great discovery, adventure and arriving at potentials not even remotely fathomable at the start!

Sometimes, no one believes, and that is when, you must. And then you can.

Did I mention patience? Yes, patience, and infinite patience, and even more patience.


General References:

  1. Functional Emotional Developmental Levels (FEDL) – Stanley Greenspan
  2. Heartworks Intervention Services & Heartworks in Motion – DanaKae Bonahoom
  3. Developmental Assets
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder
  5. Why Motor Skills Matter
  6. Signing Time
  7. The Pocket Occupational Therapist
  8. Positive Psychology – PERMA – Martin Seligman
  9. Meaning – Victor Frankl

Trisomy 21 References:

  1. Gross Motor
  2. Fine Motor & Sensory Processing
  3. Speech & Language
  4. Perceptual-Motor Behaviour
  5. Memory
  6. Early Communication Skills
  7. Communication
  8. Classroom Language Skills
  9. Reading
  10. Mathematics


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