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“I think (of) Mommy.”

Keith pointed to his temple and said, “I think”, and he pointed to me and continued, “Mommy”. Because I had been away, and he wanted me to know he had … Continue reading

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“I can’t because it is nighttime.”

This is one of the most beautiful sentences I can ever imagine hearing. I had returned from a work trip and it was bedtime. I asked Keith if he would … Continue reading

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“erasing” For Vashima Goyal, who clarified for me my veil regarding my journal documentation and my art, with so much focus, loving intent, commitment, scrutiny, gentleness and grace for my … Continue reading

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“At this dusk” (After Matisse’s Bronze Dolls), Watercolour crayons on paper, 2001, Peng-Ean Khoo Kindness came to me as a very surprising insight, after honesty. It is the time of … Continue reading

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Whole Body Talking

It is so wonderful to be able to really have a full to-and-fro with Keith. When I couldn’t understand his words, he was so patient with me. I asked, “Can … Continue reading

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Two Bags of Extraordinary Ordinary

Today, I had one of the most relaxed and sublime Sundays: lunch and then, groceries shopping. Two of the most ordinary, yet extraordinary moments. When Keith was able to pour … Continue reading

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Obtuse Instructions

Obtuse Instructions (for EdCamp Singapore #2, and especially for my fellow madhatters organising this earnest endeavour – Vashima Goyal, Himal Ruparel, Kenneth Ngo, Manju Nair, Yilin Chong and two juniors, Ameya … Continue reading

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