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The Courtyard Greenhouse

The Courtyard Greenhouse is located in Singapore.

The Courtyard Greenhouse is motivated by a drive for full inclusion of education and meaningful work. It is part of The Happy Farmers initiative by The Happy Heart School. It is a 10ft by 10ft micro-urban farm.

The construction of The Courtyard Greenhouse took two days.

We investigated and decided on the following choices:

  1. 10 ft by 10 ft space
  2. a simple roof for rain shelter and allowing light to come through
  3. multi-tiered planter boxes that allow farming experiences and learning for toddlers to lifelong learners
  4. a see through panel planter box for root vegetables observation
  5. Various sizes and depths of containers
  6. Micro vertical farm system
  7. Integrated aqua and hydroponics micro farm system
  8. Organic compost, volcanic ash as our potting mix
  9. Worm bin

Construction – October 2016


Nursery Set-up

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