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The Happy Farmers

The Happy Farmers is an initiative under The Happy Heart School to enable the learning and discovery of sustainable farming enterprise by the learning community of The Happy Heart School.

Learners will co-create the school farm design & development, nursery, seed bank, grow, harvest, pack the crops, design the labels, and deliver the produce using green mobility possibilities.

The vision is to be able to be self-sustainable in food growing and accomplished in making a contribution to the resources of spaces, places and communities of community learning.

The Happy Farmer urban micofarm is a 10ft by 10ft space in The Courtyard Greenhouse of BB Studio.

The Courtyard Greenhouse
We investigated and decided on the following choices:

  1. 10 ft by 10 ft space
  2. a simple roof for rain shelter and allowing light to come through
  3. multi-tiered planter boxes that allow farming experiences and learning for toddlers to lifelong learners
  4. a see through panel planter box for root vegetables observation
  5. Various sizes and depths of containers
  6. Micro vertical farm system
  7. Integrated aqua and hydroponics micro farm system
  8. Organic compost, volcanic ash as our potting mix
  9. Worm bin

Organic Seed Bank

With a dedicated space set aside for seed banking, we are able to harvest seeds, dry them, and store them in our seed bank refrigerator. This way we can preserve a diversity of organic food and forestry seeds.

Growing & Harvesting

We shall be using a number of micro-farming technology:

  1. Soil
  2. Hydroponics
  3. LED lighting

Kitchen To Table

Part of The Happy Farmers produce will be for self-sustenance. These will be prepared and cooked for by the learning community and for the learning community.

Packing & Labelling

We will be designing our own labels and using recycled materials. We will not be using any adhesives during our labelling process.

Green Mobility

Our happy farmers will self-deliver their produce directly to the kitchen of homes, restaurants, offices, and institutions. We will be delivering by walking, biking, scootering, and using the public transport.


Some of the produce from The Happy Farmers will be dedicated to gifting organic produce to those in need.

Sustainable Enterprise

Our happy farmers also learn about sustainable enterprise development from global sustainability, strategy, governance, risk management, legal, finance, HR, IT, marketing, administration, to operations functions – by applying their work and accounting for their work in a co-created integrated sustainable enterprise system.


The learning journey of The Happy Farmers are also dedicatedly documented as part of our contribution to the Creative Commons learning for all.

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