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A Study of Meaningful & Practicable Full Inclusion Participation

  1. Family Camps @ Moonriver Lodge
    In June 2010 and June 2011, we collaborated with a lead developmental interventionist and her team, & organised two full inclusion offsite family camps, where the families and extended families of children with special rights come together and learn how to better support the child, the siblings, the primary caregivers, the parents, the families involved. Parallel to the play-based developmental intervention and bonding supported by developmental interventionists, the adults were engaged in a seminar style learning & development from the developmental interventionist.
  2. Study Groups at Multiple Communities
    In Spring 2012, we organised a series of study groups of full inclusion exploration at Down Syndrome Association (Singapore), Gim Sports, Little Arts Academy, Child At St 11, Parents & Infants Workshop, and playdates style of bonding, learning, development and intervention.
  3. Working Group for Full Inclusion Master Plan
    From between May 2012 – October 2012, there was a group of volunteers of parents & professionals including architects, designers, educators, therapists, doctors, social workers, corporate executives, social entrepreneurs, adult educators, who participated consistently to work out what is the right full inclusion school for children and adults with special rights. Eventually, we understood that the journey is about honouring and celebration, and that the support would have to be from birth to lifelong, and treasuring everyone as a gift.
  4. And A Butterfly Landed on My Nose
    In December 2012, we designed & organised a full inclusion camp for children with special rights and their siblings in an integrated music, track & field & occupational therapy discovery at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. There was also a study group for parents facilitated by a developmental interventionist.
  5. One Voice: One Child At a Time
    In December 2012, we designed & organised a 40-day concert. The concert was full inclusion with the families, siblings and children of special rights participating in the preparation and performance of the concert itself.
  6. Only Love Camps
    In April 2013, We designed & organised a traveling full inclusion camp at four preschools – a Reggio-inspired school, a Montessori-inspired school, a hearing-impaired preschool, a mainstream preschool. We were able to set up, facilitate and clear up the travelling camp in under 4 hours. The camp curriculum was designed and facilitated by a lead developmental interventionist and her team, together with a team of volunteers who were primarily parents and their friends.
  7. Heartprints Camp @ Down Syndrome Association
    In April 2013, we assisted and volunteered in the preparation and facilitation of the Heartprints camps, covering all age groups from infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-going children from 7yo to 17yo, adults, family bonding for children and adults with trisomy 21 and their families, and professional development for the trainers and administrators.
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