The Happy Heart School

Living lifelong human care, development, education, learning and service for all.


The Happy Heart School is a seed of inspiration. The mission is the realisation of fully inclusive schools worldwide.

As a start, it is a place of gathering, dialogues, and collaborative building of a community of parents, educators, allied educators, school administrators, therapists, doctors, medical professionals, educational & clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, architects, designers, maintenance keepers, and volunteers who loves and celebrates all children.

The Happy Heart School is a community who with deep love, faith, trust and fortitude will design, create, build, and hold forts of love, support, empowerment and service for lifelong care, development, education, learning and service for all children.

The physical form of this school is open. It is a mission of openness, welcome, hope, joy and allowing. It simply lives its mission by rising every morning and completing every day in fullness and completeness of each unfoldment of growth and maturing. And through wit, creativity and heart, The Happy Heart School realises innovation in arriving at a provision of loving and enabling environments for each child, right where the culture is, right where the resources are, in its every day living.

The first concrete impact of The Happy Heart School is to inspire a culture and activate action of not waiting and longing with a broken heart, but to get up, and do the work with peace, gratitude, cheer and joyfulness. The doing is possible because we already know that every step lived, is already realising the mission.

The Happy Heart School will reference or provide the resource materials, the documentation of dialogues, the sharing of all forms of creative enablements and the celebration of daily realisations of this mission of fully inclusive schools worldwide that respect, love, support, empower and serve lifelong care, development, education, learning and service.

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