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“What eat? I buy.”

I must log this down before this moment of preciousness escapes me. Last week when Aunty Amanda came to work with Mommy, Keith was understanding and supporting the significance of our co-working in BB Studio, where The Happy Heart School co-works with Bilberries Blue.

He came in and said his hello, and then settled into the armchair, to participate in our discussion. Midway through our dialogue, he leapt up from the armchair, and went to Aunty Amanda, and asked her, “What eat? I buy.”

You see, one of Keith’s roles as a Junior Sustainable Enterpreneur is to host our guests and co-workers. He has been handling the pantry fulfilment duties of BB Studio. And during this trips to get groceries, he also always adds in the extra goody – ice cream!

So when Aunty Amanda, totally bemused and thrilled, laughed her head off (as a non-verbal communication of “Yes, anything you fancy, dear,” he ran off to put on his shoes, and then asked Mommy for permission (& petty cash) to buy (ice cream). Because he was just recovering from a cold, I had said to him, “You can buy the ice cream but you can only have it until your lungs are fully recovered.” He made some protests but quickly took this opportunity to buy next week’s ice cream before the negotiations goes completely south for the both of us.

Later, he came home with fishballs, ice-cream and Doritos.

What a scream.

And what joy. I love being a mom!

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