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Two Bags of Extraordinary Ordinary

Today, I had one of the most relaxed and sublime Sundays: lunch and then, groceries shopping. Two of the most ordinary, yet extraordinary moments. When Keith was able to pour us our water and set the table for us, it was truly beyond ordinary for us. He poured it quarterful, in order to avoid spillage. An act of extraordinary brilliance. And the glasses of water – complete. Four, for each of us. I didn’t have to prompt; I didn’t have to count for him. He had figured a way to figure it out, in his own way.

Then later, he went groceries shopping. He picked up his own basket, and he made his own selections. He even tried some pizza and returned some, politely. He was grinning all the time, knowing exactly what he was about. He did a self-checkout and even loaded the groceries into the car boot. I think I have a fine little gentleman in the making. Thus, completely making my day. I was wondering how I could contribute to World Down Syndrome Day 2017. And so, I made this video for all parents: believe, believe, believe. Even at your lowest and most tired: believe.

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