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EdCamp Singapore #1

The Strangest Encounter Inside This White Cube

“EdCamp Singapore #1”
a living community documentation
exploring the creative, compassionate & collaborative
multitudes of education & learning 

by EduRetreat Singapore – Vashima Goyal
with Himal Ruparel, Manju Nair, Kenneth Ngo & Peng-Ean Khoo,
joined by Chong Yilin
 and the inaugural EdCampers of Singapore
India, Malaysia, Singapore

With our “EdCamp Singapore FB Page

With a special reflection by Manju Nair, “EdCamp 2016 – Mostly a Child’s Perspective

Exploration of Collaborative Learning on Padlet lead hosted by Chong Yilin at “Collaborators of EdCamp Singapore“. If you’d like to know more about EdCamp Singapore and/or participate on “Collaborators of EdCamp Singapore’, kindly write to

Transformative Learning

I think I understood this today. It is when a switch inside us flips itself from despair and anguish to hope, sorrow to joy, loneliness to I am not alone. From I can’t to I can. From nothing…

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