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Of Words & Labels

All Photos - 1 of 1I believe the beginning of word really truly began to be intrinsically and permanently recognized for Keith when he himself spoke it,”Words.”
After visiting an installation art exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum, he came home bounding happily like a bunny and stuck a round label on me.
He announced, “Words”, and then he read my name, “Khoo Peng Ean.” It is as if he was telling me: Finally, I get it mom. We use words as labels for names.
The label sticker actually says “I am made for SAM”, but for me that moment and that label is the most precious anyone has ever called me.
Because of what he did for me, I finally got it too. I finally own who I am. My own identity got crystallized by my son. And he called me by my name. He knows my name. I had forgotten to even show him how to write my name in the midst of all the developmental intervention.
Yet, he knows my name.
July 25, 2016

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