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One cannot nurture when one is at war. When one is at war, either within one’s inner battle or with another human being, one is not at peace. When one is not at peace, one is not at rest. One who is not at rest does not feel safe, one is on guard. When one is on guard, how can one love? How can one allow love to enter? How can one allow love from another human being to enter one’s heart? How can one allow the words from the divine to speak to us through our own heart?

Nurturing requires safety. Nurturing is taking care of oneself and another, in the deep quietude of grace. Nurturing requires listening to our own and the other’s heart. Listening to the heartbeats, listening to each movement, listening to the voice, listening to the sound of each breath of our beloved. Nurturing is beyond words. Nurturing is being attentive. Nurturing waters the heart to grow. How can a heart grow, how can a butterfly flutter its first flutter for first flight when there is no watchful, loving support that is safe?

When one is in a battle, one is in high tension, in a perception of being attacked. So the child that requires our nurturing will also feel this tension and is confused. The child wonders why there is no safety and security, and soon starts to develop a sense of battle so deep, he or she forgets that this battle was not even real to begin with.

In order to nurture, one needs to be free of war. Much of our world is competitive, by definition against one another. We cannot raise children in competition. That is effectively raising our children to war. There is no nurturing in competition. There is also no competition in nurturing. Nurturing provides the safety and security of unfoldment. How can or would anyone dare to emerge out of the cocoon if there is no celebration of every flutter, of every unique colour, of the celebration of every mystery of every emergence?

So let us put down our guard and live in full embrace, in deep trust, and deep faith and deep grace to hold the space of nurturing for our children to emerge fully and completely and fly in full freedom and celebration.

Peng-Ean Khoo
October 15,2012

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