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Too Long a Read.

for Ng Hong Kai, Bilberries Blue LightHouse Keeper, a friend. Blogs were something of a recent past. Or is it? A blog of mine from 2012 surfaced for me last … Continue reading

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How we define ourselves is shaped by many things. To live our choices at every circumstance is harder than we think, feel and know. We can perhaps only live in … Continue reading

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Happy Day of Joy, Everybody.

So, I think it’s one more year.  Maybe one year can be one lifetime. Maybe it can be one whole epoch. Maybe it can be 12,000 years. Maybe we close … Continue reading

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I have never looked back since.

At dawn when Keith was born, I made a decision. When I was pregnant with him, I had asked for a sign regarding my life that had seemingly no direction. … Continue reading

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Can I?

From “I can go to school?” to “Can I go to work?”  Keith constantly surprises me with his speech development. Every morning, he greets me with a big hug and … Continue reading

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“We’re going to Ah Mah’s house for dinner.”

Keith said every word clearly. Very slowly, but he said “for” for the first time. At 11 years and 8 months. And “house” has a clear “s” articulation. This is … Continue reading

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Moving Platforms

Moving Platforms Yesterday, I went on a Ropes Course, inadvertently finding myself having to cross first a passage without ropes, except for my safety harness, and then a series of … Continue reading

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How Could Anyone

HOW COULD ANYONE For World Down Syndrome Day 2019   When this song by Libby Roderick played for me randomly on my iPhone, I was transported back momentarily to the … Continue reading

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“Not joining us. Too bad.”

I love to discover and hear the authentic blossoming of words from Keith. When asked to join us for a family lunch today, he asserted confidently, “Not joining us. Too … Continue reading

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“What eat? I buy.”

I must log this down before this moment of preciousness escapes me. Last week when Aunty Amanda came to work with Mommy, Keith was understanding and supporting the significance of … Continue reading

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